Wood-Plastic Composite Shed 9m² PREMIUM Anthracite Gray Pent Roof Woodlife Garden

Garantie 2 years


Materials: Co-extruded WPC
Wall thickness: 28 mm
Color: Anthracite Gray
Overall Surface Area: 8,72m²
Wall height: 198 cm
Ridge height: 229 cm
Gutters optional
Waterproof roof
Aluminum doors with key lock
Ventilation grids included

Warranty: 2 years

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Availability date: 2024-08-07

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The Specialist's Opinion on the Wood-Plastic Composite Anthracite 9m² PREMIUM Flat Roof Shed - Woodlife Garden

The Woodlife Garden brand is expanding its range in response to its growing demand for wood composite sheds! The new PREMIUM range has a contemporary design, with modern and trendy colors. 

Much more than just garden sheds, Woodlife Garden sheds can also become additional rooms and living spaces. They offer pleasant surfaces ad optimized volume to create an office, a pool house, a workshop or even just a spare bedroom! 

This model is designed with a robust aluminum frame where composite wood slats that are 28 mm. thick are located. Woodlife uses a quality composite, employing a co-extrusion technique. An additional layer of protection is applied, making the shed resistant to weather, stains, humidity, etc. 

The large double swinging door in front is made of aluminum and has a safety glass. It allows easy access to the interior of the garden shed, and facilitates the passage of bulky objects. Ventilation grills on the rear facade allows the shed to ventilate, even if you haven't opened it for several days. 

Unlike most sheds on the market, you won't need to invest more in any kind of roof protection! The roof is made of strong, waterproof corrugated PVC. 

Modern, maintenance-free, waterproof... a quality product that beats out others on the market! 

Some additional technical details: 

  • Surface Area (WxD): 363x340cm
  • Interior dimensions (WxD): 297x281cm
  • Wall Height: 198 cm
  • Ridge Height: 229 cm
  • Wide double door: 150x210cm
  • Heat-tempered glass
  • Waterproof roof: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) + ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate)
  • Optional aluminum gutters (gutter diameter: 90 mm)
  • Diameter of downspouts required (not included): 7,6 cm
  • Snow resistance: 100 kg/m²
  • Composite composition: 60% wood + 30% polymer + 10% additives
FinishAnti-UV Co-Extrusion
BrandWoodlife Garden
Roof ConstructionPVC + ASA panels
Wall Thickness28mm
Wall TypeWooden Planks
Roof TypePent Roof
Roof Slope6°/11%
Wall Height200cm
Door LockKey Lock
Side Eaves25,4cm
Recommended Foundation Size363x340cm
Rear Roof Overhang25,8cm
GlazingDouble glazing 5-6-5mm
Overall Exterior Dimensions363x340cm
Exterior Wall Dimensions302x302cm
Surface Area296x296cm
Front Roof Overhangs25,8cm
FlooringNot included
Overall Exterior Surface12,34m²
Useful Interior Surface8,76m²
External Wall Surface9,12m²
Opening TypeSwinging
Ridge height231cm
Snow Resistance100kg/m²
Door TypeDouble Semi-Glazed
Door Dimensions148,5x201cm
Glazing typeTempered glass
Overall Surface Area in m²9.12
Warranty2 years
Packaging size369x111x61cm
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