Metal Garden Shed 11x12 ft FIRST Anthracite Gray + Anchoring Kit X-METAL

Warranty 10 years


Material: Galvanized Steel Panels
Color: Anthracite Gray
Wall Thickness: 0.25 mm
Ridge Height: 6.8 ft
Wall Height: 5.4 ft
Surface Area: 11x12.5 ft
Double Door 54"x63" included
Anchoring kit included

Stainless steel screws - anti-rust

Warranty: 10 years

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Availability date: 05/22/2023

£ 885.41

The Specialist's Opinion on the 11x12 ft Anthracite Gray Metal Garden Shed FIRST - X-METAL

X-METAL's FIRST collection now includes this metal garden shed with a surface area of 11x12.5 ft., making it 129.17 ft². The quality/surface/price ratio are unbeatable!

The First metal garden shed collection from X-METAL combines simplicity with design. Its pure anthracite look will harmonize wonderfully with your exterior design, whether it is modern or rather classic. Inside, you will find many possibilities to organize your things different way thanks to its size.

Its design with solid metal beams means it is pretty resistant to bad weather, and in particular has good resistance to snow since it can hold a maximum load that can reach 14.33 lbs/ft². X-METAL's First collection sheds are delivered with stainless steel screws and bolts, which will prevent rusting and degradation of the hardware, as is often the case with low-cost metal garden sheds. The galvanized steel panels are easy to handle for assembly which promotes easy construction. They are covered with a 4 coat paint for durability!

The ventilation grills are located on the roof, ensuring a renewal of air inside even when not opened for a long time.

This 11x12.5 ft garden shed from X-METAL's First collection has a 10-year warranty.

Some additional technical details: 

  • Overall dimensions (WxDxH): 11x12.5x6.8 ft
  • External dimensions (WxDxH): 10.8x12.2x6.8 ft
  • Interior dimensions (WxDxH): 10.7x12.1x6.7 ft
  • Useful doorway dimensions (WxH): 4.5x5.2 ft
  • Wall height: 5.4 ft
  • Ridge height: 6.8 ft
  • Wall thickness: 0.25 mm
  • Snow resistance: 14.33 lbs/ft²
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel metal panels
  • Durable 4-coat paint
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Structure with reinforcements
  • Large double door
  • Two ventilation grids for optimal ventilation
Finish4 Coats of Paint
Wall Thickness0.25mm
Wall TypePanels
Roof Surface Area145 ft²
Roof TypeDouble Incline
Roof Slope14°/25%
Wall Height165cm
Side Eaves2 in
Rear Roof Overhang2 in
Overall Exterior Dimensions11x12.5 ft
Exterior Wall Dimensions (WxD)11x12.5 ft
Surface Area (WxD)11x12.5 ft
Front Roof Overhangs2 in
Overall Exterior Surface138 ft²
Useful Interior Surface129 ft²
External Wall Surface132 ft²
Opening TypeSliding
Ridge height210cm
Snow Resistance60kg/m²
MaterialGalvanized steel
Door TypeDouble Solid
Door Dimensions54x63 in
Package Weight 1189.5 lbs
Overall Surface Area138 ft²
Warranty10 years
Weight256 lbs
Package Dimensions 172x31x5 in
Package Dimensions 274x10x7 in
Package Weight 266 lbs
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