Metal Garden Shed 7,15m² WoodTouch Beige + Anchoring Kit X-METAL

Garantie 15 years


Material: Galvanized steel cladding and frame
Color: Beige
Ridge Height: 190 cm
Wall Height: 154 cm
Overall Surface Area: 7,15m²
Stainless steel screws
Ventilation incorporated in the gable 
Anchoring kit included
Resistance to snow: 100 kg/m²

Warranty: 15 years

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Availability date: 2023-07-31

£ 599.00

The Specialist's Opinion on the 7,15m² WoodTouch Beige Metal Garden Shed + Anchoring Kit X-METAL 

X-METAL's 7,15m² beige WoodTouch shed is perfect for storing your gardening equipment, firewood or for parking your ATV's, wheelbarrow or garbage containers. The beige painted galvanized steel panels integrates easily wherever you decide to place your new shed.

The panels and frame are made of galvanized steel, giving it a great structural stability. Its roof can support up to 100 kg/m² of snow, significantly higher than similar products on the market. In addition, an anchoring kit is provided for solid attachment to concrete slabs or in studs, which gives the shed an excellent hold in case of strong winds. 

The assembly of this shed is quick and easy, without the need for special tools. The dimensions are 303x236cm, the interior ones being 291x226cm. The double-sloped roof allows for good rain drainage and avoiding excessive snow accumulation. 

The access to the shed is through a sliding door of  82x154cm The panel in the front gable of the shed is cut to provide natural ventilation of air, avoiding excess humidity. The walls have a height of 154 cm, and the ridge height is 190 cm, sufficient for a comfortable access in the central part of the shed. 

The finish of the walls guarantees the durability of the panels, which require very little maintenance, depending on the location of the shed. In general, an annual cleaning with a hose is sufficient. This shed has a 15 year warranty. 

Some additional technical details: 

  • Surface area (WxDxH): 303x236x190cm
  • Interior dimensions (WxDxH): 291x226x154cm
  • Door dimensions (WxD): 82x154cm
  • Wall height: 154 cm
  • Ridge height: 190 cm
  • Snow resistance: 100 kg/m²
  • Warranty: 15 years

Some advantages: 

  • Double door for an easy and practical access
  • Anchoring kit and screws included
  • Does not require any particular maintenance
  • Natural ventilation incorporated in the gable panel for a nice finish 
  • Double ridge reinforcement bar for better solidity
MaterialGalvanised Steel
Wall Thickness0,25mm
Wall TypePanels
Roof Surface Area7,15m²
Roof TypeDouble Incline
Roof Slope15°/28,3%
Wall Height154cm
Side Eaves5cm
Rear Roof Overhang5cm
Overall Exterior Dimensions303x236cm
Surface Area291x226cm
Front Roof Overhangs5cm
Overall Exterior Surface7,15m²
Useful Interior Surface6,58m²
Ridge height190cm
Snow Resistance100kg/m²
Door TypeDouble Sliding
Door Dimensions82x154cm
ColourFaux wood
Warranty15 years
Packaging dimensions162x56x25cm
Package Dimensions 1162x56x11cm
Package weight 165kg
Package Dimensions 2160x21,5x14cm
Package weight 232kg
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