Metal Garden Shed 9x7 ft Wood Appearance + Anchoring Kit X-METAL

Warranty 15 years


Material: Metal Steel + 4 coats of paint
Color: Wood Appearance 
Wall Thickness: 0.25 mm and 0.6 mm
Ridge Height: 7 ft
Wall Height: 5.7 ft
Overall Surface Area: 63.51 ft²
Anchoring kit included

Warranty: 15 years

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Availability date: 12/20/2022

The Specialist's Opinion on the 9x7 ft Wood Appearance Metal Garden Shed - X-METAL 

A small metal garden shed that looks like a wooden garden shed! X-METAL offers this imitation wood garden shed, an aesthetic solution for the storage of all your garden and DIY items. 

The originality of this model lies in its color since it is covered with several layers of qualitative paint imitating wood. The panels are also corrugated, reminiscent of the typical wooden garden sheds. 

You will have the look of a wooden garden shed without its disadvantages: the metal garden shed does not require any treatment against rotting or insect attacks and does not require any particular maintenance, except for a little spray of water to rinse it of any dirt. 

Its double front sliding door is very practical to bring in and out any bulky items of yours, such as outdoor furniture for example, or your large gardening tools. Above the door, there are ventilation grills, allowing the air inside to circulate and renew. This limits condensation problems. 

This X-METAL garden shed is delivered with an anchoring kit for a solid attachment to its foundation (preferably concrete slab). 

ColorFake wood
MaterialGalvanized steel
Package Weight 170kg
Package Weight 229,4kg
Wall Height5.8 ft
Ridge height7 ft
Wall Thickness0.25mm
Finish4 Coats of Paint
Surface Area (WxD)8.7x7.3 ft
Overall Surface Area71.3 ft²
Overall Exterior Surface6,62m²
Useful Interior Surface61.2 ft²
Overall Exterior Dimensions9.1x7.8 ft
Snow Resistance20 lbs/ft²
Door LockPadlock
Roof Slope15°/27%
Front Roof Overhangs2 in
Rear Roof Overhang2 in
Side Eaves2 in
Wall TypePanels
Roof TypeDouble Incline
External Wall Surface64 ft²
Door TypeDouble Sliding
Door Dimensions50x67 in
Warranty15 years
Package Dimensions 172x29x5 in
Package Dimensions 269x9x7 in
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