Beige Resin Garden Shed 6x12ft + Foundation Kit - JOBU


Material: Polypropylene
Structure: Galvanized steel frame
Wall thickness: 12 mm
Color: Beige and White
Ridge height: 7.5ft
Wall height: 6ft
Overall Surface Area: 66ft²

Anchoring kit included

Warranty: 10 years

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The Specialist's Opinion on the Beige Resin Garden Shed 6x12ft + Foundation Kit - Jôbu

With a 5.8 ft tall front and a depth of 11.7 ft, the 75 ft². Jôbu shed is the ideal solution to store all your gardening tools. Also perfect to store bicycles, a lawnmower or a wheelbarrow, this resin shed can also be used to store your garbage containers. Thanks to its ridge height of 7.4 ft and its 6 ft walls, you have a floor area of 66 ft² for a generous volume of 455 ft³.

You will be able to move around easily, and the double door offers a comfortable and uncomplicated access, with its dimensions of 3.9 x 5.9 ft. The door is equipped with a lockable latch - padlock is not included - to avoid any intrusion or to protect your children or pets from any risk of poisoning or from contact with dangerous tools. The door's hardware is painted black, which gives it a nice authentic look. The structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which is very sturdy and resists corrosion.

The anchoring kit, that is included, allows for a perfectly square construction, and improves the shed’s structural stability. This kit also allows for a sturdy setting on a concrete slab or on blocks, and facilitates the installation of a floor, if you wish to insulate the shed from rising humidity. The ready-to-assemble polypropylene panels make mounting straight-forward and simple. They are light and easy to handle, yet very robust.

The beige color of the panels blends harmoniously with any outdoor space, and the white strips on the connections or around the door offer an elegant contrast. Above the double door, a ventilation grid provides convection air renewal for optimal protection of your tools. On the side, a fixed polycarbonate window lets natural light in during the day, eliminating the need for electricity. This shed is EU, REACH and RoHS certified and comes with a 10-year warranty.

The included foundation kit allows and ensures:

  • That your shed is installed squarely
  • Installation without placing it on a concrete slab (although we do recommend to do so)
  • Pour a concrete slab directly on the metal foundation after installation for increased resistance over time
  • Lay flooring of your choice (plastic, wood, stone...) and thus create a perfect insulation with the ground and protect the contents of your shelter from moisture.

You can also choose not to use the included foundation kit. It is not essential to the assembly.

Some additional technical details:

  • Material: polypropylene
  • Structure: hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • 4 walls
  • Wall thickness: 12 mm
  • Color: Anthracite
  • Ridge height: 7.5ft
  • Wall height: 6ft
  • Useful interior surface: 66ft²
  • Single swing door: 3.9x5.1ft
  • Foundation kit included
  • Warranty: 10 years

Some advantages:

  • Garden shed made of extruded polypropylene resin with 12 mm thick walls
  • Robust and durable: the hot-dip galvanized steel structure is highly resistant
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Single door with locking device for increased security and sloping threshold
  • Door positioning: the door can be placed on the opposite side. The inner side of the door becomes the outer side, being smoother than the outer side. The roof triangle adapts easily to this modification. The opening will be towards the outside.
  • Maintenance-free and does not rust, get easily damaged, nor flake
Roof ConstructionPolypropylene Panels
Wall Thickness12mm
Wall TypePanels
Roof Surface Area7,71m²
Roof TypeDouble Incline
Wall Height184cm
Window TypeFixed
Number of Windows1
Side Eaves7cm
Rear Roof Overhang6cm
Overall Exterior Dimensions190x368cm
Exterior Wall Dimensions176x356cm
Surface Area172x352cm
Front Roof Overhangs6cm
Useful Interior Surface6,13m²
External Wall Surface6,27m²
Ridge height226cm
Door TypeDouble Hinged
Door Dimensions119x181cm
CertificatesCE + REACH + RoHS
Overall Surface Area in m²6.99
Packaging size196x99x60,5cm
Package Dimensions 1192x95x17cm
Package weight 138kg
Package Dimensions 2119x99x17,5cm
Package weight 227kg
Package Dimensions 3196x29x26cm
Package weight 348kg
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