White Gutter Kit - Woodlife Garden PREMIUM Apex Roof Shed 3.5x157 in


Material: Aluminum and PVC
Color: White

Pack includes: 

- Gutters
- Gutter joints
- Water downspouts 

The gutter and downspout go under each roof slope 

No remeasuring required - easy installation

Warranty: 15 years

(Shipping costs are extra if ordered alone, without the shed) 

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£ 229.00

The Specialist's Opinion on the White Gutter Kit - ready to install pack for Woodlife Garden PREMIUM Apex Roof 3.5x157 in

Gutters are a practical equipment that will protect the walls of your Woodlife Garden shed, limit water stagnation on your foundation and allow you to easily collect rainwater and drain it into the ground. You can also connect the gutters to a water tank to use this natural and free resource. 

Made of anti-corrosion treated steel, this gutter kit is also available in white to perfect your shed's aesthetic and finish. The kit is ready to install and requires no cutting on your part. 

This complete kit, suitable for Woodlife Garden sheds includes: 

  • Aluminum gutters diam. 3.5 in
  • Gutter - downspout connection
  • Downspout elbow
  • Gutter junction
  • Downspout in PVC diam. 3 in
BrandWoodlife Garden
Accessory TypeGutters
Packaging size487,5x13x9cm
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